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Why choose ELTANZ

On the ELTANZ course participants will work with their own tutors who will critique their work and give them feedback.

This personal connection means tutors can work with participants on their teaching strengths and areas needing attention.

  • ELTANZ tutors are highly qualified and professional.
  • ELTANZ tutors have already delivered Trinity Cert PT courses with a 100% pass rate.
  • ELTANZ is flexible. We RESPOND to your needs and requests.
  • ELTANZ delivers an excellent product for a reasonable price: see Costs below.
What you get from the Cert PT courses

The ELTANZ Cert PT courses will: 

  • Enhance  teachers’ confidence in using communicative methodology. 
  • Help teachers to focus on the unique needs and context of their students. 
  • Guide teachers to focus on constant self-reflection, leading to valuable professional development. 
  • Train teachers to evaluate, adapt and create stimulating, challenging resources for their students, and to write academically sound reports on them. 
  • Allow teachers to gain an internationally recognised, degree-level certificate from Trinity College London.


Please note that course dates for institutions are flexible depending on demand. We will work with you to accommodate your needs. 

This course is aimed at in-service language teachers working with teenagers or (young) adults and is suitable for those teaching in either monolingual or multilingual environments.

Why choose ELTANZ for the One-to-One courses? 

Our tutors are highly qualified and professional language teachers, experienced in teaching business and academic professionals from a wide range of commercial and academic fields.  

You will discuss your English needs with our tutors in detail, and negotiate with them a programme that is directly focused on your unique needs.