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ELTANZ is a registered New Zealand company offering online English language tuition to students of English, teachers of English and professional people who need to use English in the work place.  

ELTANZ is validated by Trinity College London to offer the Trinity Cert PT. Trinity College London is an examination board based in the UK offering qualifications which are recognised internationally.

ELTANZ also offers personalised, individual English language tuition live online. It is tailored to your business or academic needs. 

ELTANZ tutors are highly qualified and experienced TESOL professionals, dedicated to providing each course participant with the very best teaching practice founded on the most recent research and theory.


Certificate for Practising Teachers

ELTANZ delivers the Trinity College London Certificate for Practising Teachers online. For the first time, practising teachers of English can obtain an internationally recognised qualification from Trinity College London in their own   homes. This ELTANZ course is a hybrid synchronous /asynchronous online course designed for teachers whose first language is not English. 

There are TWO options for gaining the Cert PT: candidates can choose between a Communicative English Cert PT, which focuses on teaching general English, and a Business Cert PT, which focuses on teaching business English.

One-to-One Courses

Unique personalised ELTANZ One-to-One English language courses online, for business and academic professionals whose first language is not English.  

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At ELTANZ our passion is excellent teaching.  We provide excellent professional development for ESOL teachers, excellent English support for business professionals and excellent teaching for students of English.

Meet our team

Greetings, fellow teachers and language learners.

July 16, 2021

Every day I am amazed at the English language competence of people who have come to New Zealand to live, but whose native languages are not English. And it is certain that one reason for the success of people who learn English as a second language, is immersion these people are immersed in English from day 1, and for that reason they are intrinsically motivated to learn.

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Introducing ELTANZ

July 11, 2021

Blog of a lifetime language learner.

Let me introduce myself: I’m Gillian Claridge, the director of an online English language teaching company called ELTANZ. So, you’ve probably guessed that English is my native language, and you’d be right.

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