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Motivation and Confidence

Motivation and confidence

What do language students need most of all?  Two things near the top of my list are motivation and confidence.

If you are going to learn to do anything well, be it playing the piano or piloting a space ship or speaking a foreign language, there has to be a goal and a reason to achieve it. There’s got to be motivation.

But you can have all the motivation in the world and if you don’t believe you CAN actually achieve your goal you probably won’t even begin to try. You have to have confidence in yourself, not only to begin but to go on, and on, and on.

Good teachers know their subject and they love it. They know how to present it to make students love it too.  They can spark a life-long interest in a topic. This is motivation. 

Really good teachers motivate their students AND make them feel they can achieve their goals. Then students have the confidence to go on when it all seems too hard.

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you are already the kind of teacher who wants the best for their students.  The ELTANZ team want to work with you to develop the brilliant skills you already have. We want to help you find ways to motivate your students better, and give them the confidence to succeed way beyond everyone’s  expectations.

Have a great week and check out Jo Gakonga’s latest Weekly Digest and her ideas and resources for busy teachers.